Dreaming of being parents?

At our fertility and assisted reproduction clinic in Bogotá, we guarantee the dream of having a child.

We have our own fertility clinic, specialists in assisted reproduction and surrogacy. We also have the highest quality controls in treatments such as: in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination and other fertility treatments.

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Do you want to be a Father or a Mother?

Each circumstance is different and in Fertility Center Colombia we have the proper treatment.

In our fertility and assisted reproduction clinic we are experts in surrogacy, we analyze each case to achieve a treatment personalized that guarantees you conceive a baby.

Discover the best plan for you!

At Fertility Center Colombia, we offer a variety of plans and services for Gestational Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction in Colombia.

We offer gay and straight couples, single men and single women, the best surrogacy plans and programs accessible in Colombia.

  • Surrogacy.
  • ROPA method.
  • Guaranteed Pregnancy.
  • Egg donation.

We are proud that more than 500 babies have been born to date.

With much more accessible costs than other countries and the most successful surrogacy cases.

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Our Donors

There are numerous reasons why a couple a person may have difficulty conceiving. In many cases, eggs from a donation are the only alternative. HR egg donors, they are young women who can help single women, single men, heterosexual and homosexual couples, to be parents.

If you are a single man, or you are in a homosexual relationship, the most usual thing is that you should resort to an egg donor, or to the call «rent belly», Which is nothing more than a surrogacy, surrogate motherhood or gestational substitution.

Services and Treatments

We are dedicated to taking care of you, which is why we offer fertility treatments such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Unlike other centers, we only use the amount of medicines that your body needs, and we offer you the best results.

Why choose Fertility Center Colombia as your Assisted Reproduction Clinic?

In addition to our treatments, we have a whole repertoire of last generation technology with which we can increase the chances of your pregnancy from the first attempt. We are the most successful surrogacy agency. With a 99.9% probability pregnancy guarantee.



Today you can take the first step to have your child

At Fertility Center Colombia, we offer a variety of plans Gestational Surrogacy In colombia.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a belly in Colombia costs less than half the price of the United States and is much more affordable than many other countries.
The cost for a complete program of a surrogacy process in Colombia with guaranteed birth has an average of 65.000 dollars, but it may vary according to the services and guarantees they offer.
The price is more affordable due to the low cost of living and all the infrastructure of the public health system that Colombia has, making it the ideal place to carry out your dream of having a baby through surrogacy or womb of rental.

You can see a comparative list of prices in different countries here

Or if you wish, you can directly request the prices at this other link: REQUEST PRICES

  • First class doctors and health centers with extensive experience.
  • It is one of the most economical countries for the maternal surrogacy of a gay couple or cases of single parents.
  • Available Legal guarantees. Therefore, equal opportunities are provided to LGBT parents.
  • There is no discrimination for LGBT couples when it comes to wanting to start a family, for them and also for heterosexual couples.
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Oocyte donation is a high-performance technique that allows pregnancy to be achieved in 60% of the cycles performed and reaches cumulative pregnancy rates of over 90% in just 3 attempts. Its performance is independent of the age of the woman, which makes it a great solution for all those women, no matter how old they are, who have failed conventional treatments. Actually, the only requirement a woman needs is to have a healthy uterus and be in good health, so it should not be performed on women beyond the age of 50.

The success rates achieved with donating frozen eggs vary widely between centers. At Fertility Center Colombia, the probability of success is not altered by using vitrified oocytes. However, in those who do not have the vitrification technique optimized, it can be diminished.

Since the egg donor has been selected to share certain traits with the recipient, such as hair color, eye color, skin color, race, height, etc., it will have some resemblance to it. It will also acquire gestures and expressions typical of the mother during her development.

The eggs donated for an IVF process come from healthy young women. Therefore, generally, their eggs are of high quality, which entails a greater probability of giving rise to good embryos, capable of implanting and allowing the evolution of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.