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Raquel and Alexander a difficult start, but a great ending.

Today we have decided to tell our story when we achieved a long-awaited pregnancy, after five failed attempts to FIV and infertility for ten years.

When we made the decision to have a child and decided to plan a pregnancy we were already 30 years old. After 5 years of trying to achieve pregnancy on our own we sought professional help and resorted to the IVF method, at 40 years after numerous examinations, tests and obvious psychological stress, what most frustrated us was our diagnosis: "Infertility of unknown origin". After five years in two assisted reproduction centers and with the disadvantage of age, we tried to assimilate the inability to have a child, and we do not plan to try again. Thanks to a friend who motivated us to continue and Fertility Center Colombia recommended us With no illusions, we decided to make one last attempt and travel to Colombia.

From the first consultation with Dr. Pedro we perceive great differences and a sincere concern to help us. The first thing he spoke to us was to exclude the factors that can impede the implantation of the embryo, we underwent a hysteroscopy without detecting any pathology, and on ultrasound with dopplerometry it revealed that there was reduced blood flow in the endometrial vessels. 


To correct the blood flow problem, Dr. Pedro referred us to a physiotherapy course. In my husband's examination, he recommended antioxidant therapy. As a result of the Guaranteed Pregnancy program, two oocytes were obtained. An embryo in the blastocyst stage which was vitrified and transferred in the next cycle, including drugs that improve blood circulation and gave us the immense joy of a positive.

Despite the fact that the beginning of the pregnancy in the first trimester presented the threat of termination, it ended with a spontaneous delivery of 40 weeks. "Motherhood is even better than I imagined, especially having reached it after trying for 10 years!" Thanks to the current techniques that fertilitycentercolombia has in its Clinic in Bogotá, this couple was able to make their dream of having a beautiful and healthy baby come true.

At fertilitycentercolombia we are happy to have helped Raquel and Alexander achieve that happiness. You can do it too. We welcome Schedule your free consultation in the following button to get in touch with you as soon as possible. We are waiting for you.

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