Guaranteed Pregnancy


Guaranteed Pregnancy

We offer a pregnancy guarantee plan in which we will refund 100% of the amount if no results are obtained.

  • Having a child is not a matter of luck! Learn all about fertility treatments that can help you get pregnant.

  • Increase the probability of success in your treatment, thanks to the three steps to be parents with Fertility Center Colombia.

  • We combine a talented team of fertility gynecologists with the best technology, so hope is born again!
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What is the Fertility Center Colombia Guaranteed Pregnancy Plan?

It is a special program that guarantees pregnancy with a personalized treatment and a plan of unlimited attempts for two years to achieve pregnancy. If in that period of time the woman has not been able to conceive a baby, 100% of the money invested in the process to get pregnant is returned.

Why does the Fertility Center Colombia Clinic offer these Guarantees to achieve a Pregnancy?

At our fertility and assisted reproduction clinic, Fertility Center Colombia, we have only reimbursed 0,3% of cases. Therefore, 99,6% of the remaining cases have managed to conceive a healthy baby.

We have one of the best laboratories, together with Medical specialists in Assisted Reproduction that guarantee us the best pregnancy success rates.

We have the best human talent, we bet on innovation and continuous research.

We have the technologies to apply the techniques that are necessary to achieve conceiving a pregnancy.

Who can participate in the Guaranteed Pregnancy Program?

Any family

Whether it is a homosexual or heterosexual couple, we have the appropriate Assisted Reproduction Treatment.

Unlimited treatments

Regardless of the number of attempts made during 24 months, we guarantee your pregnancy or refund 100% of the cost of your plan.

All techniques and treatments

In our clinic there are no limits in terms of techniques and treatments.

How do we do it?

We know that this is not an easy situation, and that trust plays a fundamental role in this process. For this reason, we have devised three steps that help our patients make better decisions from the beginning, minimizing risks and costs, and without creating false expectations. This protocol allows people who have trusted us to become happy moms, dads and families.

Step 1: Evaluation consulting

When you take the first step, your life changes forever, and we will be by your side accompanying you during this beautiful process. In the valuation consultancy, our fertility gynecologists know you and analyze different aspects of your life and your body.

To generate a first diagnosis of your situation, we perform a transvaginal ultrasound and organize a complete study protocol, necessary for the couple.

Step 2: Exams

It is a very important process that is lived as a couple. Here, through hormonal, physical, serological and andrological examinations, we determine your physical condition and define which is the best fertility method for your particular situation.

Step 3: Personalized treatment

After analyzing the results of the study protocol, Our team defines which treatment is most likely to be successful for you, and how much you should invest both in time and money and commitment.

Thus, you will be able to make a more accurate decision according to your abilities.


artificial insemination

It is a highly complex assisted reproduction procedure, that allows to treat advanced fertility problems, in order to achieve your pregnancy. Its objective is to facilitate the union of ovules and sperm in the laboratory and, in this way, obtain embryos that can subsequently be implanted in the uterus.

In our egg donation program, young women undergo ovarian stimulation treatment and donate their eggs to others who need to become pregnant.
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Artificial Insemination (IA)

It is a procedure of low complexity, which is done in fully equipped clinics like ours. Its main objective is to increase your pregnancy rate in a specific cycle, matching a high concentration of sperm in the Fallopian tube with the moment of ovulation.