Paternity in pairs of homosexual men

A homosexual couple made up of two men cannot, biologically speaking, produce children of their own. Therefore, a donor egg is required, which will be fertilized by the sperm of one of them. Once the embryo is fertilized, it must be transferred to a woman who carries out the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby through surrogate maternity.

The gestation surrogate It is the only option for a couple of men to have a child that is linked to their DNA and shares the genetic load of one of their parents.

Homoparental couple

Surrogacy for homosexual couples

The infertility diagnosis is responsible for analyzing the reproductive health of the male and female partners. Examining both partners is an important step, as the causes of infertility are divided equally between men and women. We do not recommend starting treatment either with your OB / GYN or fertility specialist before a doctor evaluates both the male and female partners. Without a thorough evaluation of both people, valuable time can be lost with ineffective treatment to address the specific cause of your infertility.

En Fertility Center Colombia, we help homosexual couples and single men from any country to become parents, and we guarantee to fulfill this wish through the surrogacy process, which many know as “Belly for rent”.
We have our own bank for egg donors, as well as our own agency for rental bellies and egg donors.

Step by step: Surrogacy
for gay couples

 Men intending to become fathers should select an egg donor from our database. The baby will share 50% of its genetic traits with the partner who contributes the sperm, while the other 50% will share it with the egg donor.

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Medical procedure

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In our Assisted Reproduction Clinic, with headquarters in Colombia, we develop all the existing fertility treatments to achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy. We perform techniques such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and egg donation with the most advanced and innovative technology, to achieve optimal results. Our team of medical specialists is also a human and respectful team, so that support, trust and sincerity towards patients are 100% guaranteed aspects.