Lesbian Couples

How does a pregnancy occur in a lesbian couple?

The ROPA Method, or shared maternity, is one of the most requested options by lesbian couples who want to have a child through a shared experience. This is possible thanks to the so-called ROPA (Couple's Egg Reception) method, an assisted reproduction technique that combines egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF).


In CLOTHING method, the participation of both women is key to promoting their bond. Since both parties are integrated into the maternity project, the attitude is totally proactive, and they share all the phases of the process: from gynecological check-ups and preparation classes for the delivery, until the preparations for the moment of delivery and the welcome of the baby.

What other options does
couples of women to have children?

The absence of a male partner is no longer an impediment to conception. Families led by two moms are now a reality, and it is that more and more female homosexual couples are turning to assisted reproduction to have a child.

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