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If you belong to the LGBT community and want to start a family, surrogacy is the most ideal way to have a child who identifies with you biologically. Knowing this, chances are that you are excited for the procedure that is coming up and the opportunity to finally become a father, mother or start the family that you have longed to have.   

Like any parent, you will most likely have many concerns due to the new LGBT surrogacy procedure and many doubts will arise such as:

  • Will I have the option of finding a surrogate if I am a member of the LGBT community?  
  • Are there surrogate mothers willing to bring a baby into the world for an LGBT couple?
  • Are there laws that influence surrogacy in same-sex couples?
  • How does the egg donation and sperm donation process work?

Many doubts that will be cleared up next ...


When you choose to seek a surrogate mother as an LGBT couple, you may be intrigued by one thing in particular:

  Is there an ideal surrogate mother for a gay couple like us out there? 

While the outlook for people in the LGBT community in the United States and Latin America is improving, they may now be willing to seek a surrogate.

Are there women who are willing and able to give birth to a child for an LGBT sexual partner like you?

The appropriate answer is yes ...

There are a large number of women capable of renting their belly to LGBT couples. Regardless of your sexual orientation or personality, you can become a father through surrogacy, and there are many LGBT surrogacy experts who can help your partner choose the ideal surrogate mother for this journey.

How can you find a surrogate mother if you are a gay couple? 

It is important that you choose an LGBT surrogacy agency to help you find a surrogacy. Because surrogate mothers are constantly limited to choosing prospective fathers with whom they agree (including sexual orientation and sexual personality), working with an agency that displays its constructive opinions towards LGBT people makes it almost you are sure to quickly contact a surrogate mother who is happy to help a gay couple like yours. 

The procedure will be basically the same as in the case of a heterosexual couple: 

After they begin the screening and testing process, they will profile prospective parents. This profile will make your sexual orientation evident, but there is no compelling reason to focus on that when you are describing your life. Most importantly, a surrogate mother can see how committed and ready you are to become a parent. Accept this as an open door to clarify how you will see yourself as a parent and why you are so eager to bring a baby into the world.  

A surrogate mother will see your profile as the ideal father and, when she considers that you are the one chosen for her, she will inform you of her agency in matters of surrogacy. From then on, you will mostly look at the profile of your surrogate mother to familiarize yourself with her and make sure it is the right decision for you as well.

They will have the opportunity to speak with the surrogate mother and meet her before formally beginning this journey together.

Most of the time, this procedure is simple and easy to complete. The surrogate mother may have questions about raising a child as an LGBT couple, and you should feel comfortable addressing these and any questions she may have about her preparations to raise a baby through LGBT surrogacy. 

Who are the women who want to be surrogate mothers for gay couples? 

Regardless of who the intended parents are, surrogacy is a wonderful procedure that creates a harmonious bond between them and the surrogate mother. Women who decide to rent their belly do so on the basis that they need to have some kind of affection in someone else's life; they like to be pregnant and need to use their ability to bring a child to help a couple become parents.

For many of these women, no matter what the future parents' family structure is like, they simply need to give birth to a baby for someone who urgently needs to become a father, but cannot do it alone. Surrogate mothers can choose the attributes they like in expectant fathers and some even specifically want to rent their womb to an LGBT couple. If you are a same-sex couple looking for a surrogate mother, you may find that there are women who are willing to help an LGBT couple fulfill their dream of parenting.

Becoming a surrogate mother for a gay couple 

When you make the decision to become a surrogate mother to a gay couple and you agree that it is the best for you. It is considered how to carry out the process of a surrogate mother of a gay couple or another LGBT father 

Each belly rental is unique, however here are a couple of steps you should start with:

  • Meet experts on LGBT surrogacy.

To guide LGBT parents, you need to work with a surrogacy specialist who will invite LGBT parents in any case. You should stay away from surrogacy agencies with a religious background and make sure you always ask the professional about the views of prospective parents before joining.

 Authenticity is the best strategy; don't be afraid to indicate your preferences in advance to find the best agency for you (and your future parents).

You may find that the best agencies and experts are friendly to LGBT couples and are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Very well! you are sure that you want to help parents of the LGBT community to realize their greatest dream. However, there are a couple of different decisions that you will have to make in order to find the perfect parents for you. Your surrogacy counselor will likely guide you through this procedure, however you will need to ask yourself questions such as: 

  • Define Your Interests for Intended Parents

Would I like to work with a partner or with a single parent? 

Would I like to work with close intentional parents, or am I okay with significant distance prospective parents? 

Do I have preferences for those who already have a family (for example, regardless of whether they have children or not)? 

What kind of relationship would I like to establish with the intended guardians during and after the surrogacy? 

These questions will help you find the ideal surrogacy for your circumstances.

  • Complete the surrogacy procedure. 

When you agree with the correct intentional parents, you will move on with your surrogacy adventure. This will include making a legitimate agreement, performing the clinical embryo transfer procedure, and finally bringing in the baby to be delivered to the LGBT parents. Your surrogacy expert should be there to help you at all times.

Surrogacy For Gay Couples - Advantages And Disadvantages 

Although there is no evidence against the downsides of being a gay parent, a few people restrict the ability to raise children of the same sex. As you move forward in your decision to expand your family through surrogacy, you must be prepared to face different difficulties and address them with emphasis.

Points of Interest of Surrogacy for LGBT Couples: 

  • Surrogacy is a compelling method to expand your family and fulfill your dream of parenting. 
  • Unlike reception, surrogacy allows natural identification with the baby. Gay and lesbian couples can give their own sperm or eggs in the surrogacy procedure. 
  • Surrogacy offers you the opportunity to organize with the surrogate mother and participate in the gestation procedure internally. In this way, you cannot give birth to your child, yet experience childbirth by being sincerely associated with the surrogate mother.
  • Numerous surrogate mothers contact LGBT couples to help them expand their families, which is unrealistic for same-sex couples. 

Impediments to Surrogacy for LGBT Couples: 

  • In Colombia there are divided opinions regarding the acceptance or prohibition of surrogacy.

This creates legal uncertainty regarding access to surrogacy. As a solution to fertility problems. 

Despite some attempts by the legislator to regulate the matter, these have not materialized in a law of the Republic, so it is not clear to date if the contracts made in surrogacy are valid or if, because it is an illicit object they have no validity.

  • The cost of surrogacy is high. Financing options can be affordable. 
  • Despite the risks, surrogacy is an aid to same-sex couples and parents, for LGBT intent. It is your opportunity to invite another part of your family to learn about the process and add importance to your life. 
  • Our approach is to find a responsive surrogate mother and surrogacy expert who will recognize what you want directly and develop the surrogacy and selection process for you.
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