How do we choose our Donors?

A very frequent question asked by those who want to conceive a child through an Egg donation treatment, or any other assisted reproduction treatment that involves IVF with a donor's egg, is about how we select who will be their egg donor.

Requirements to be an Egg Donor

In order for a woman to be admitted to our donor program, she must meet the following requirements:


  • Having an age between 18 and 32 years, although the legal limit is 35 years.
  • Have demonstrated a good psychological state after the interview and psychological questionnaire.
  • Result suitable after general medical examination and gynecological examination.
  • Having a Body Mass Index adequate, which guarantees the safety of the donor during the procedure, both in the medication delivery phase and at the time of puncture (sedation).
  • Give a negative in serologies and overcome the rest of blood tests.
  • Not suffer from any genetic alteration or other hereditary diseases, nor have a history of hereditary diseases in the family.
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Donor Selection Process


Informative talk

At Fertility Center Colombia (FCC), we have donors of all kinds of nationalities and ethnic origins, always attending to the requirements of our patients. Acceptance or not, will depend on the demand and needs of our egg donor bank, the country of birth and the origin of the donor not being exclusive at any time.

Medical history

On this first visit, the donor is given a questionnaire to find out her family and personal history, regarding diseases of which she is aware, within a list of diseases agreed with a medical-genetic counselor. In addition, you will be given an exhaustive personal interview, where you will be asked in depth about your family and personal history.

The characteristics of weight and height (BMI ratio) will be taken into account, so that those women with a BMI higher than what is established as normality will be discarded due to the risk that this may pose, not only for the offspring, but for the donor herself .


Do you want to know the characteristics of
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Psychological evaluation

Psychological evaluation

In this second stage, a psychological interview is carried out with the donor to find out her personal background, assess her personality and confirm that she accepts the conditions of the donation program. This interview is carried out by one of our psychologists, specialized in providing accompaniment for patients and donors in their processes.

Gynecological examination

Subsequently, a gynecological evaluation will be carried out to check the state of the genital apparatus (uterus and ovaries), and ensure that the donor has a normal ovarian reserve.

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Medical tests

Next, analytical tests will be carried out. Donors are asked for a karyotype, serologies to rule out infectious diseases (according to the law), blood group and general analysis.

Genetic examination

A genetic compatibility test is carried out to screen for monogenic diseases, in order to establish the risk of transmitting genetic diseases to the offspring.

Those donors that do not have a normal karyotype, those that manifest an active infectious process, or those that show some X-linked mutations (such as the Fragile X, for example) will be discarded.The fact of being a carrier of some other mutation in the screening test is not a reason for exclusion.

How is the selection process for our Egg Donors?

All donors are women in excellent health, both physical and psychological, and who have a very large and quality ovarian reserve. The age of our donors is between 18 and 30 years old, and we select them according to the physical resemblance desired by our patients, trying to achieve the maximum phenotypic and immunological similarity.

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We discard
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Similar phenotypic characteristics
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What tests do we do on Donors?

To verify that the woman meets all these requirements, she must undergo a series of medical tests that support it. The analyzes to be performed are:

  • In-depth psychological interview to rule out the existence of psychopathies, and to evaluate if you are emotionally prepared and if you understand what the donation program implies.
  • Medical and physical examination in which, in addition to evaluating the patient, anamnesis and family history are studied in depth.
  • Complete gynecological examination with ultrasound examination.
  • Blood tests and karyotype.
  • Serologies and biochemical analysis.
  • Genetic test.

We have our own Donor bank

Some of the characteristics and information about the egg donor that will be available in our donor bank are:


  • Physical characteristics (age, race, hair color, eye color, etc.).
  • Training (studies completed and those you plan to study).
  • Psychological profile (through psychological examination).
  • Genetic information (diseases, etc.).
  • Gynecological information.
  • Family history (information about parents, siblings, and grandparents; information about important illnesses if any).


We take care of our donors

We take care of our Donors

Our donors are very important to us, since their eggs will carry life in the wombs of the recipients, making it possible for a large group of the population to have access to motherhood regardless of the state of their eggs, genetic problems, etc.

 Therefore, due to their altruism, generosity and dedication to others, we can do no less than protect them before, during and after the donation process.

We assume an important commitment to their well-being and health, maintaining contact with them that continues beyond the extraction of the eggs. We perform your gynecological reviews, we recommend lifestyle habits, and we are at your disposal for any medical need you may have.

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