Can I become a mother after tubal sterilization?


There are women who, after a Pomeroy, better known as a tubal ligation, consider being moms; either for the first time or to increase the family. Fortunately, today we know that this technique, which a decade ago was considered as a permanent family planning method, currently the Pomeroy can be reversed. Of course, through major surgery.

What is tubal ligation or pomeroy?

Tubal ligation consists of preventing, through a surgical procedure, the passage of sperm into the Fallopian tubes, thus preventing fertilization of the egg. Problems come when trying to regain the old function of this organ.

Some women make this definitive family planning decision, undergoing a tubal sterilization, but after undergoing this surgical procedure they change their opinion about the possibility of being mothers, either for the first time or to increase the family. Now it is possible to reverse it!

mother with newborn for reversing pomeroy

Why do many women regret a tubal ligation?

The reasons may vary, but among them we find the following:

It may have been, at the time, a hasty decision.
Changing partners is a very common reason, especially if she does not have children.
The death of children by accident or illness.
⦁ An improvement in your health or your financial situation.
⦁ It is highly feasible that if a woman has a tubal occlusion at an early age, you want to regain your fertility in the future.

What Fertility Treatment is there for
get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

There are two ways to achieve a pregnancy after a tubal ligation:
By reversal of the ligation, or by in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The tubal ligation it is considered a permanent form of contraception. However, a tubal ligation reversal procedure can be used to reconnect the Fallopian tube to reverse the Pomeroy.

It is the union of the sperm with the woman's eggs in the laboratory; the resulting embryo is transferred to the maternal uterus. For this reason, the IVF is the most effective option to become a mother, without the patient having to undergo surgery.

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