Options for a man without a partner to be a Father

More and more men are deciding to face fatherhood without having a partner, and thanks to assisted reproduction techniques and surrogate motherhood a single man can create his own family project.

The Fertility Center Colombia (FCC), we offer the possibility of achieving a pregnancy thanks to Surrogate Gestation, assuming this life project with full freedom and with the maximum guarantees of having a healthy baby.

We work with a wide and varied group of healthy donors between 18 and 35 years old. Egg donation is completely anonymous, but the law allows general information about the donor woman (which does not expose her identity) to prospective parents through a free appointment with our specialists.

Where can a surrogate pregnant woman get a single man?

The gestational surrogacy, it is legal in a good number of countries. However, each country has certain regulations. Some countries in which this technique is lawful are: Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, United States, India, Thailand, Greece, Georgia, among others.But it must be borne in mind that pregnancy by substitution is not legal in all these countries when it comes to foreign persons or single men . Because of that, one of the best options to perform a proceduresurrogacy is Colombia.

Surrogacy in Colombia

En Fertility Center Colombia, our destiny is to be one of the best options to carry out a surrogacy procedure. Today, Colombia provides all the legal guarantees to conceive a baby through surrogate motherhood (known to many as "“belly for rent.”").

The cost of living in Colombia allows us to offer Guaranteed Surrogacy Plans, with affordable and cheaper costs, compared to other countries.

At our clinic in Bogotá – Colombia, we have state-of-the-art laboratories, instrumentation and technology that, together with specialists and doctors with years of experience in genetics and assisted reproduction, makes Fertility Center Colombia (FCC) the best option for surrogacy.

Bogota Colombia

Surrogacy for single parents

The gestation surrogate (better known as “belly for rent”) is an assisted reproduction procedure where a woman, called a pregnant mother, agrees to conceive the child of another person; in this case, a single man. This creates the possibility that a man without a partner can conceive a child.

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