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The Surrogacy in Colombia is available to everyone, offering a unique alternative to gay couples, singles and heterosexual couples looking for a couples seeking an affordable option to give birth to your baby in a surrogate womb, better known to many as a surrogate womb.


Why Surrogacy in Colombia can be the best option?

Colombia is gaining more popularity every day as a destination to start a gestation process, especially among same-sex couples and single men, who want to be parents through the process of maternal surrogacy.

The reasons are obvious, but perhaps unknown by many, therefore, we invite you to know the advantages and benefits that you can choose to hire your Surrogacy service in Colombia:

  • First class doctors with extensive experience.
  • Colombia is the cheapest country for maternal surrogacy for a gay couple and single parents.
  • Legal guarantees. The law in Colombia is favorable to everyone. Therefore, equal opportunities are provided to LGBT parents.
  • In Colombia there is no discrimination for LGBT couples when it comes to wanting to start a family, for them and for heterosexual couples.
  • In many cases it is the only and best alternative that couples with infertility problems or due to other causes such as genetics can have and even as an ideal option for same-sex couples or single men.

Important health facts

Out of 191 countries in the World Health Organization (WHO), the Colombian health system is ranked # 22. Even surpassing countries like Canada (No. 30) and the United States (No. 37).

Consequently, the above data is not the only one that shows that Colombia is one of the best options and destinations to carry out a surrogacy process, the magazine “América Economía” recently published the list of the best hospitals in Latin America in 2019.

Where 20 of the first 50 positions are filled by hospitals based in Colombia. Thus, most of the main Latin American hospitals are located in Colombia.

Therefore, knowing this information and the fact that all Colombians are eligible and have the right and safe access to the public health system, including surrogate mothers and newborns of a surrogacy process.

This ensures the health of the surrogate and a considerable reduction in the cost of doing it in another country.


Colombia: The Future of Surrogacy

Given the conditions of the public health system in Colombia, medical expenses are reasonably lower and affordable than many other destinations.

Which is a very important point that is worth mentioning, since in recent years, it has become a popular destination for medical tourism.

Given that the main concern of many is usually doubts in the quality of services offered by fertility clinics or surrogacy agencies and also because of the high costs involved in starting a surrogacy process, which is better known as Rental belly.

Fertility Center has seized this golden opportunity to improve its medical infrastructure by making significant investments in our genetics and assisted reproductive technology laboratories that allow us to provide first-rate medical services with state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

Surrogacy in many other countries is expensive and carries a lot of uncertainty and doubts, which is why at Fertility Center we have bet on Colombia to offer a service in the best medical facilities and with affordable costs.

And to reduce uncertainty we have designed a Guaranteed Surrogacy Plan no additional costs, no surprises, no fine print.

Although it is true that for legally married heterosexual couples, surrogacy in some countries may be a viable option, it is usually a limitation in other cases, as only married couples can access maternal surrogacy services in those countries.

For a single mother, a man without a partner, or a gay couple, The best option to conceive a baby through a surrogate belly is Colombia.

Is Surrogacy in Colombia legal?

Yes, in Colombia ... The Constitution establishes: "Children born within or out of wedlock, adopted and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance, have the same rights and duties."

And considering that there is no exclusive law for Surrogate motherhood, But there is no law that prohibits the Rent of bellies this practice is considered completely legal.

Surrogacy in the Colombian Legal System

Additionally, a ruling of the Constitutional Court by means of Judgment T-968 of 2009 determined that: the rental of a womb or uterus, also known as surrogacy or surrogate motherhood, is defined as:

«the reproductive act that generates the birth of a child by a woman who is subject to a contract or commitment through which she has to assign all rights over the newborn. "

In this procedure, the woman who is pregnant and gives birth does not provide her eggs.

Surrogate mothers who agree to carry a pregnancy to term and, once the delivery has occurred, are giving the child to the people who commissioned it and who assumed the payment of a certain amount of money or the expenses caused by the pregnancy and delivery.

Therefore, it is clarified that: In the Colombian legal system there is no express prohibition to carry out this type of agreement.

However, with respect to assisted reproduction techniques, which include surrogacy or surrogate motherhood, they are considered to be legally legitimate.


Is it possible for a gay couple to rent a belly in Colombia?

Yes, in 2015… The Colombian Constitutional Court legalized gay adoption.

The court ruled that excluding same-sex parents as potential adopters was a limitation on children's right to have a family.

This equality extends to foreigners in Article 100 of the Constitution, which grants foreigners in Colombia the same civil rights and guarantees as those granted to citizens.

The Constitution of Colombia does not allow discrimination against LGBT citizens, so same-sex couples can access surrogacy in Colombia as long as at least one of the parents is genetically related to the baby.

In general, LGBT rights in Colombia are among the most progressive in all of Latin America.

In 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal.

Therefore, same-sex couples have the same rights and obligations as heterosexual couples or singles, including the right to have families.


Recommendations for renting a belly in Colombia

So, if you start a surrogate pregnancy process in Colombia, the recommendation is to make a contract that complies with the requirements of the Colombian legal system, taking into account the Civil Code and that both parties agree to enter into said contract, so that there is no room for controversies.

At Fertility Center our Gestational Surrogacy plans include legal expenses (contracts, court judgment, representation of the parties). You will be reassured to know that we have an excellent team of legal professionals to provide you with the best guarantees.

Prices: Surrogacy in 2020

  • U.S. $ 125.000
  • Mexico $ 85.000
  • Russia $ 85.000
  • Thailand $ 75.000
  • Georgia $ 75.000
  • Ukraine $ 70.000
  • Colombia $ 65.000
  • India $ 65.000
  • Laos $ 62.000

What is the surrogate pregnancy price in Colombia?

surrogacy in colombia


En Colombia renting a belly costs less than half the price that in the United States.

The cost of a surrogacy process in Colombia for a complete program with a guaranteed birth has a cost average of $ 65.000, but you can find different prices for the rental of a belly according to the services and guarantees that they offer.

Surrogacy or surrogacy in Colombia it is affordable due to the low cost of living and the entire infrastructure of the public health system.

In Colombia you can enjoy a good lifestyle with about a third of the cost of living in California. To make it clearer in Los Angeles, you would need around $6.000 to maintain the same standard of living that you can have with $1.500 in Bogotá.

This lower cost of living translates into lower prices not only for medical care, but also for surrogate mother compensation.


Prices worldwide of Surrogacy

  • U.S. $ 125.000
  • Mexico $ 85.000
  • Russia $ 85.000
  • Thailand $ 75.000
  • Georgia $ 75.000
  • Ukraine $ 70.000
  • Colombia $ 65.000
  • India $ 65.000
  • Laos $ 62.000

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