What is surrogacy

surrogate maternity

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What is surrogacy?


Also known as Substitute maternity, surrogate maternity, rent belly, surrogate, gestational surrogacy, surrogacythe gestation by substitution. It is when, through assisted reproduction techniques, a woman conceives the pregnancy and gives birth to a baby who belongs, both genetically and legally, to other parents.

Therefore, pregnancy is achieved using the mother's eggs, or the egg from a donor. Similarly, sperm can be provided by the intended parent or by a sperm donor.

Likewise, the insemination of the egg is carried out by in vitro fertilization (IVF), and may include ICSI.

What is surrogacy?

In Surrogate Gestation, the participation of three parties is required to conceive, and give birth to a child:

  1. The genetic father who provides the sperm.
  2. The genetic mother that provides the egg.
  3. The surrogate mother: a woman who consents to carry a pregnancy and not claim her mother's right after the birth of a baby

Who is Surrogate Gestation for?

La gestational surrogacy, surrogacy It is an option for single men or men with a male partner, as well as it is an option for single women and heterosexual couples who have infertility problems.

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When is it needed and why
consider subrogation?

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Very often, homosexual couples, single men and heterosexual couples who are in any of the following situations resort to surrogacy:

  • Absence of uterus.
  • Uterine disorders or abnormalities.
  • Diseases that prevent pregnancy by posing a risk to the health of the mother or baby.
  • Repeated abortions.
  • Repeated failures of IVF.

Single women and lesbian couples with these types of disorders can also resort to gestational surrogacy to be mothers

In a heterosexual couple, the embryo is usually created from the egg and sperm of the biological parents.

In consecuense, the baby will share 100% of the genes with the future parents.

However, in the case of homosexual couples, the baby shares 50% of the DNA of one of the members of the couple, and the other 50% shares it with the egg donor.

In fact, through gestational surrogacy the woman has no genetic link with the future baby, because only is a carrier of pregnancy, does not provide your eggs. Therefore, she is not the genetic mother of the child.

What guarantees can Fertility Center Colombia offer in a surrogacy?


In order to offer better results and excellent service, in Fertility Center Colombia we offer optional and exclusive guarantees, aimed at guaranteeing an optimal result. Providing in this way, tranquility and security to clients in the face of possible adversities.

Fertility Center Colombia guarantees the return of their fees in the event that the objective of parenting is not achieved. If you can't have a baby within XNUM months, Fertility Center Colombia reimburses the entire program.

Although the subrogation it is often a controversial topic, it should never be embarrassing. Instead, this may be the best, and even the only option for individuals or families who may want to have a biological child.

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