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Families who want to conceive a child through surrogacy can now access our packages, which include all the costs of a process of surrogacy in Colombia, guaranteed and with a fixed price.

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What is surrogate motherhood?

It is an arrangement in which a woman intends and agrees to become pregnant and to carry a pregnancy for someone else. During the surrogacy process, you should know that there are two types of surrogate mothers: surrogate mothers gestational and surrogate mothers tradicionales (genetic).

What are the differences?

A gestational carrier mother or gestational surrogate No. it is genetically related to the child it carries.

Modern technology enables the gestational surrogate mother to become pregnant and carry a baby that is not genetically related to her by transferring embryos to her uterus formed by in vitro fertilization ('IVF') using donor eggs or the intended mother. .

Brianda traditional surrogate mothers or also called traditional surrogate ("genetic surrogate"), she becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization using her eggs and sperm from the future father or sperm from a donor transferred to her uterus, or by achieving pregnancy through intrauterine insemination using sperm from the future father or sperm from a donor and will carry a baby genetically related to her, therefore a traditional surrogate mother is a biological mother, but you intend to become pregnant and give birth to a child with the agreement to waive the possible parental rights of the future father or parents at birth. You never intend to get pregnant to have your own child.

This second option is the least recommended due to legal implications and experience.
Experts generally suggest the option of gestational surrogacy.

How do we do the Surrogacy process?

For most couples and people, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the process of surrogacy is like, which for many is known as “Belly for rent”. However, in Fertility Center ColombiaIn addition to being a Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Clinic, we are also an agency specialized in Gestational Surrogacy, and we want to tell you how the surrogacy process unfolds from the first moment. 

Step 1: First visit

Your first visit to our Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Clinic, aims to seek information and resolve all doubts about surrogacy.

Step 2: Choose an Egg Donor

We have a bank of egg donors, selected to guarantee the gestation of a healthy baby who share your physical characteristics and compatible blood group.

Step 3: Choose a pregnant mother

Our surrogate mothers go through a health verification process, both physical and psychological, so that you have total guarantee that your baby will be born by a completely healthy woman.

Step 4: Subrogation Contract

The legal aspect is very important in any surrogacy process, for which we have an excellent team of legal professionals to provide you with the best guarantees.

Step 5: Evaluation consulting

Before After starting the medical process for surrogacy, we must assess whether there are genetic conditions that guarantee the fertilization and gestation of your future baby.

Step 6: medical procedure

Once all the initial aspects have been resolved, it will be up to our genetics and assisted reproduction specialists to begin the surrogacy process.

Step 7: Birth and filiation

For the birth of your baby, you will have all the support and advice to process the filiation in your country of origin.

Our Surrogacy Plans

to have a baby

Simple Plan Guaranteed (Pregnancy of a baby)

With our simple plan, we guarantee the birth of your baby for a closed price, and we offer you our 100% cost-back guarantee.

have two babies

Double Guaranteed Plan
(Gestation of two babies)

For those who wish to have two childrenWe have the double plan, in which we guarantee the birth of your children through different expectant mothers.

What do our Gestational Surrogacy plans include?

Packages Surrogate Motherhood include:

  • All clinical expenses (medical and psychological evaluations, IVF, unlimited embryo transfers, medications, monitoring of pregnancy).
  • Genetic Test : Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS).
  • Legal expenses (contracts, court judgment, representation of the parties).
  • All the pregnant woman's medical expenses (medical insurance, franchises, medicines, etc.), and the health insurance premium for the baby, or babies, covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (also known as ACA, for its acronym in English, or "Obama Care").
  • Possible compensations to the pregnant woman for cesarean section, hysterectomy, etc.
  • Pregnant and donor life insurance.
  • All expenses corresponding to a possible change of pregnant woman if, for any reason, it were necessary.
  • Unlimited number of attempts.
  • Assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents, so that the potential parents can start the passport procedures on behalf of the baby.
  • Extensive database of donors and surrogate mothers.
  • Pediatric services. After birth, the baby will be under the control of a qualified pediatrician.
  • Parents will receive the help of a babysitter after the baby is discharged from maternity, or the "Baby Room", in case of staying in a hotel.


Parents will only have to pay separately:

  • Your transportation, food, lodging and food expenses.
  • Management of documentation.

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